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Woolwash, soap for woolens, bath soap, lanolin cream, hand cream, Woolwax Cream, Euculan, Mitchell's Soap Products


New Woolwax Cream in Blueberry, Strawberry & Huckleberry

Mitchell's Products
Euculan Skin Care Products
Euculan Woolwash
Meadows Wool Wash
Jentil Wool Wash
Woolwax Cream
Kookaburra Woolwash



Note: Both the traditional yellow wrapper and the country scene soap wrappers are available for the soap bars.


bulletBath Soap Bar      [5.29 oz.]
bulletMedium Soap Bar [2.64 oz.]
bulletGuest Soap Bar [sample size]
bulletArnold the Ram white ceramic soap dish
with soap
bulletSoap dish refills for Arnold
bulletShaving soap with heavy covered stoneware shaving dish
bulletWool fat shaving soap refill


bulletLanolin Cream [.88 oz.]
bulletBath Foam with lanolin [liquid]
bulletShampoo [5 oz.]
bulletHand Cream  


EUCULAN Skin Care Products

bulletLanolin Soap [2 oz. cake]
bulletLanolin Skin Lotion   [4 oz.]


Euculan Woolwash

EuculanNo rinse wool wash. Now available in the original Eucalyptus
and Lavender scent.

bulletOriginal, Large Size
16.9 oz. [500ml]


bulletSmall Size
2.1 oz. [60 ml] $3.00
bulletLavender Scent
8.4 oz. [250 ml] $7.50
bulletTester Pouch Euculan
.23 oz. .50


Meadows Woolwash:

Specialty soap for yarn and fiber.  Remaining available scents:

bulletPenny Royal


Small Size [4 oz.] $5.00
Sample Size [1oz.] $2.00

** For wool washing instructions, see Ewesfull Info





The Wool Wax  Story:
This wax like cream containing lanolin was developed by 
Margaret Harrison, a pharmacist in the service of the nucleonics
division of a contractor. The lab was located in the State of Washington. The contractor had requested a protective hand cream for laboratorians who were in research. At the request of the pharmacists and residents in the area, it was also placed on the market for consumer use. Since it contains lanolin and has a waxy appearance, the product was called Wool Wax. Formula AT-10 was also added to the name to signify that this was the tenth attempt to perfect the formula.

Wool Wax Cream is a lightly scented skin care product that leaves the skin dry to the touch without that "oily skin cream" feel.

bulletLarge 9 oz. jar


bulletSmall 2 oz. jar


bullet  4 oz. Tube


bullet    4 oz. Tube
$4.50 Strawberry
bullet  4 oz. Tube
$4.50 Huckleberry
bullet 4 oz. Tube
$4.50 Blueberry

 Kookaburra Woolwash


Woolwash for all of your wool yarns and knitwear.
bullet16 ounce bottle with measured pour chamber
bullet2 ounce sample size bottle
bullet16 ounce bottle wool scour for grease fleece. Great for Merino and other very greasy wool.
bullet1 gal. jug woolwash

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