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Knitted By Grandma/ R. Hearson


Pull the tabs and lift the flaps to see all the wacky things Grandma makes! Ages 3 and up.

Sheep In Wolves Clothing/S. Kitamura


Georgina, Hubert and Gogol only want to enjoy one last swim before winter. Four seemingly friendly woolves steal their coats and the trio enlists the services of Elliott Baa, private detective!

How To Spin A Rabbit/ Helen von Ammon


Musk Ox Babies Of The Far North/ Helen von Ammon


Charlie Needs a Cloak


Tells the story of a young man making his own cloak, from shearing the sheep to sewing the fabric. Ages 3-6.

Sunny's Mittens/R. Hansen


Learn to make knitted, felted mittens. First half is a story and second half a how-to with very detailed illustrations. Recommended ages 9-12. Also works well for adults!

Your Sheep: A Kid's Guide to Raising & Showing Sheep


How Niki Shared Her Coat/ D. Juusola


The story of a happy dog who kept her farmily warm.

Kid's Can Do It: Knitting


Learn to Knit

The Mary Frances Knitting and Crochet Book/ Jane Eayre Fryer


Adventures among the little people. Stories and instructions for many projects.Originally published in 1918.

Llamas in Pajamas/ T. Slater


Mama llama sings her song and it won't be long till all the little llamas get into their pajamas. But will those mischievous little llamas go to sleep?


Note: Llamas in Pajamas is out of print. No stock available.

*New: With Love From Grandma/ H.Ziefert


On the first snowy night of winter, Grandma spreads a colorful afghan over Katie's bed. Katie asks where the afghan came from....

The Tale of Little Knitting Bear/ P. Fenner


Is a story and a coloring book in one.

Songs from the Loom: A Navajo Girl Learns to Weave


Story revolves arount a 7 year old girl living on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Many beautiful photos.